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Market Research

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Market Research Topics

You get relief from tasks in market research projects

Quickly bridge personal bottle necks

 Receive cross-institutional recommendations for the best cost-benefit relationship

Obtain certainty when making marketing decisions with comprehensive quality controls of surveys and inquiries

Project Management Market Research

From your question to actionable results – for your success
  • The starting point is your question concerning a business topic
  • We create a detailed briefing together with you, in which the task is clearly described. This guarantees that all your questions are being fully answered
  • Then we conduct a tender with several market research institutes and recommend the supplier with the best price-value equation
  • In cooperation with the selected supplier we develop the screening and main questionnaire/discussion guide
  • We make sure that the planned timing is kept
  • We check the quality of the results and ensure, that actionable recommendations are deducted from the results

Interim-Management Market Research

We fill your gap and support you for a longer time period,
if there are vacant positions to be filled.
  • We fill the gap, if you have vacancies to be filled due to illness or a changes in staff
  • We carry out the functions of the position until a permanent replacement is found. We work either on-site in your offices or in our offices
  • We guarantee a smooth transition to fhe future holder of the position by a professional hand-over

Consulting / Training Market Research Topics

Consulting and Training as help for helping yourself
  • We provide consulting comcerning recommendable suppliers or the optimal market research method to answer your question
  • We train your staff in all market research matters (Panel data, creation of questionnaires, conducting of interviews etc.)
  • We compile summaries of existing information and make sure, that you „know what you know“ in your company



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